The folowing text is a compilation of two lectures given at the Maastricht University: BA Arts and Culture. MC year 2 Logo & Imago, 2013 and 2014

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Thanks Annika for inviting me to talk about my project the Logolength. I am very pleased to be here.

I am Irene Janze. I am an artist.  My art interventions and research focus on the public space as a particular physical arrangement that gives meaning to certain concepts and to the exclusion of others.
In my presentation I will discuss my art intervention the Logolength Laboratory on the Zuidas. The laboratory investigates logos in the public space on the Zuidas.

The Zuidas is a recent city development area situated in the south of Amsterdam. Except for the Free University (VU) and the art academy at its west, the Zuidas consist mainly out of towers of lucrative, international businesses.

How do we investigate the logos?
1: the height or altitude of the logos is measured.
The distance between the figurative and the ground is measured with the help of an altimeter.  Show the altitude meter. See slide 4

Explain steps Pythagoras